Urban Atlanta Among The Top Markets for Multifamily Development

It seems there’s almost no industry that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t touch. Some skyrocketed while a good majority took a hit, and that includes construction. Lockdown measures impacted development activity, even though many states classified construction as essential or allowed it to continue with certain restrictions. 

White brick multi-family house under construction. Exterior view of new house under construction. Construction site.

While multifamily developments were affected by declining rent prices and dwindling construction trends, development still fared better in some parts of the country. Urban Atlanta was one of those bright spots, along with Orlando, Tampa, West Houston, and Miami.

However, all of those markets saw a significant drop from the same period last year — except for Urban Atlanta. West Houston fared the worst, with new inventory dropping by more than 3,000 units compared to 2019. 

Despite the pandemic, Urban Atlanta had more than 15,000 units in 57 projects under construction in June. More than half were slated for completion by the end of the year. The metro’s rapidly rising population maintains its robust demand for housing. 

Between January and May, 2,739 units in ten properties broke ground in Urban Atlanta. Last year, only 1,880 units in seven communities began development. The largest project to break ground in 2020 is a mixed-use development that will include retail space,market-rate units, affordable and senior housing as well as several townhomes. The $166 million project located at 485 John St, will be built in five phases and is scheduled to be completed in 2027.

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